Outstanding writers!

Waterstones, through BCA’s support, hosted the second annual celebration of the BOLD’s Year 5 Talented Writers project.  Outstanding writing was shared through green screen technology for parents, staff and two wonderful children’s authors; Cathy Cassidy and Curtis Jobling!  During the evening children learned from their ‘adopted’ authors how they pursued their careers in writing – daydreaming and following your hobbies their two key ingredients!

Guests and participants after the event said:

“It was my absolute pleasure to attend the BOLD writers literary celebration. As a Warrington lad, it had me bristling with pride to see so many children who grew up in the same town as me, taking those early steps with their creative writing that quickly became great strides. The quality of work was superb, and the future is bright and BOLD for Warrington’s future storytellers and talespinners. Congratulations to all the boys and girls who took part, and heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and parents who supported them.” CJx   http://www.curtisjobling.com  http://www.wereworldbooks.com  @curtisjobling on Twitface


Thank you so much for inviting me to the Waterstones Writing Event last night; what a wonderful testament to school collaboration inspiring the writers and readers of the future.  The venue was perfect and the quality of writing superb. The two authors and school staff cannot have failed to motivate all who attended; creativity is alive and well in Warrington – long may it continue!  Many congratulations to all the schools and staff but most of all to the very talented and confident young people for all their hard work, it was an utter treat.

Mrs Morgan – WBC Head of Service Primary 0-11


‘Dear colleagues and children

Thank you for your kind invitation to share in celebrating the wonderful writing by such talented writers at Waterstones last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and clearly so did the children and their parents/carers.

What a talented group of young writers and how well they read aloud their stunning work.  They are truly inspirational and amazing ambassadors for your schools.

Well done for your collaboration and hard work.  This project is ensuring Warrington’s young people are the authors of the future – long may it continue!’

Mrs Dutton – Senior Adviser, Warrington Borough Council




Following twenty weeks of preparation, with fortnightly visits at Beamont Collegiate Academy’s English Dept, the BOLD partnership celebrated wonderful outstanding primary writers in Waterstones’ Book Shop ( Warrington).

Cathy inspires to children to write!
Cathy inspires to children to write!

The participating schools are: Beamont Community Primary School, Dallam Community Primary School, St Ann’s CE Primary School, St Andrew’s CE Primary School and St Margaret’s CE Primary School.

High quality writing was evident throughout the evening!

A huge thank you to John Mayhew and Cathy Cassidy for their wonderful inspiration.  Cathy’s top tip was to make sure you get a library card and get reading library book.  Both John and Cathy said that reading helped them become outstanding writers!

Delivering story starters to inspire!
Delivering story starters to inspire!
Wonderful words took audience to imaginary worlds!
Wonderful words took audience to imaginary worlds!
Engaging expression capyured the audience!
Engaging expression captured the audience!
Reading their stunning stories!
Reading their stunning stories!
Within the captivating bookshop children become real authors!
John Mayhew answers children’s questions and inspires future authors!




One thought on “Outstanding writers!

    Mrs McGarry said:
    March 8, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    What a wonderful opportunity for these young writers.

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